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19 October, 2016 – Episode 589 – This Week in Science

October 20, 2016106 min
Interview w/ The Director of the Maryland STEM Festival, Thinking Machines, Planet X Influence, Tool Making Monkeys?, Generous Magpies, Visual Fish, Higgs Bison, Soothing Lithium, Genes With Altitude, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!! We live in the modern world… The newest age humanity has ever known… Which is always the case really, whenever people are describing the present… The dark ages in Europe were a major setback in knowledge, but most folks living through it probably had no idea there had been a more modern world behind them… And, as progress pushes forward through every aspect of our lives… As we automate more processes, speeding up production… As we compute larger data sets faster… As our population grows and the need for a workforce shrinks… As we fill every open stretch of land with paved roads, carbon copy houses, and coffee franchises… As we push nature further from our daily lives, and alter the climate upon which nature t

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