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21 December, 2016 – Episode 598 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

December 24, 2016121 min
Interview with Dr. Caren Cooper on Citizen Science, Crowdsourced Memory, Santa’s Climate Woes, Traffic Fatalities, Horizontal Boogie, Savage Chimps, Antler Fibers, Tabby’s Star Transition, Antimatter Matters, Vaccinations For Cows, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!! Twas ye ole winter solstice and all through the lab were bits of odd science stem cells, horseshoe crabs Kiki, the doctor, was in her white coat, Justin drank beer, while Blair studied stoats. When out from the galaxy rose such a sound: it was physics, and skeptics, there was research all 'round! The discourse was merry the guests were all there the chatroom was chatting it was science, with flare! It was bosons, and dark matter, a chicken, err… t rex. All on this week in science… coming up next!! Interview with Caren Cooper, Research Associate Professor, Forestry and Environmental Resources at north Carolina State university, and Jointly appointed as Assistant Head of the Biodi

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