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22 March, 2017 – Episode 611 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

March 23, 201797 min
Spanish Cannibals, Venom For Stroke, Spiders Got Personality!, Self-Sustaining Cell, Lab Animal Handling, Happy Lab Rats, Contagious Laughter, See Through Silver, Arctic Depletion, Bad For Bees?, Finding Dormant HIV, Blueberry Vigor?, Tardigrade Survival, Martian Ring Toss, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER!!! Global warming research is facing obstacles… Not in data collection or analysis… Not in consensus or modeling… And unfortunately not obstacles to actual warming of the planet… But obstacles of opinion and willful opposition to science… Rarely in recent history has the scientific community been so vigorously opposed Yes, there was that dust up over evolution… And, there may be some who still believe that cigarettes don’t cause cancer… And, no matter how hard the teachers try, some folks will continue to think that physics is just too un-intuitive to be true… Despite the modern society in which they live being dependent upon the understan

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