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23 November, 2016 – Episode 594 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

November 29, 2016119 min
Interview w/ Erik Vance – Author of Suggestible You, More EM Drive Madness, Hot Arctic Weather, Invasion of Earth, Manly Salt Frogs?, Split-Brained Ducks, Combing Your Hair, Sperm Health Benefits, Turkey!!!, And Much More!!! Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!! When the first American arrived in North America… There was no one here to greet them… 20,000 years ago… There were lions, sabre-tooth cats and nine-foot long sabre-tooth salmon, Giant sloths, Giant Tortoises, Giant condors and Giant Beavers. There were horses, camels, mammoths and mastodons, A beautiful armadillo, a short faced bear, and a Dire Wolf… And while the biggest threat of all was yet to come… The people were thankful for the discovery they had made… They populated two continents and formed countless civilizations… In the course of human history there are none that traveled so far so fast from our original origins… And about 1500 years ago… They domesticated the bird that is now synonymous

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