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26 October, 2016 – Episode 590 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

October 27, 201698 min
Is It Aliens?, Patient Zero History, Creepy Crawly, Parasitic Plants, How To Poison Ants, Driving Animals Crazy, Flocking Dinos, Plasticity Abides, Bug Burgers, Advancing Prostheses, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer The best evidence for aliens yet… Is that there are other planets… Possibly inhabitable in the way that we think life may inhabit… And that the number of these planets is not few… And that the conditions for habitability are not unique… Because in a universe of a hundred billion galaxies… With 70 sextillion stars… There are so many possibilities That life on more than one planet is highly probable… And while our cosmic cousins are likely out there somewhere It doesn’t mean we should claim that they have secretly fiddled with the formation of our civilization Just because some of people can’t comprehend how we got from knuckle dragging apes to This Week In Science… Coming up next Don't forget!!! You can catch all sorts of STEM fun

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