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27 January, 2016 – Episode 551 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

January 29, 2016104 min
Alzheimer's Seeds?, CRISPR Update!, Computer Beats Man, Little Crumpled Balls, Weird Bird Navgation, Big Mammal Brains, No Striped Camo, Appalachian Dino, Consciousness In Balance, Genes For Scizophrenia, Hedgehogs For Teeth, And Much More!!! Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer! Just a few days from now America will begin voting in the final candidates for the 2016 election… And as with every US election, the fate of the world hangs in the balance… It matters who will win this election… How they lead will steer the course of our domestic spending, our foreign involvements, and will likely confirm two or more Supreme Court Justices who will leave their mark upon the laws of the nation for generations to come… But why would any of this matter to the world of science? Science is neither progressive nor is it conservative… Science does not involve itself in matters of ideology… Science is just science… It deals with matters of evidence and is does not tak

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