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27 July, 2016 – Episode 577 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

July 29, 201696 min
Red Hot Spot, Primordial Holes, Spinning Gas Cloud, Dingo Diet, Slothy Sloths, Interview with Bad Astronomer – Philip Plait, and Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!! The future is not here yet… Yes, we discovered the Higgs Yes, can cut, splice, and program DNA and RNA… Yes, there are self driving cars… Yes, the most powerful computer you ever purchased fits in your pocket… Yes, the first black president of the united states served two terms… and Yes, he is likely to be replaced by the first female president… But, this is just the present day… The future has much more in store for us… Not all of it positive… But so much of it positive that we will propel ourselves into this future knowing that there are obstacles, And knowing that we are alive in the generation that overcomes them… The generation that solves hard problems, And applies easy solutions to the problems that never should have stood as obstacles to begin with. The future isn’t here yet…

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