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31 August, 2016 – Episode 582 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

September 2, 2016109 min
Interview w/ Carl Zimmer, A Signal, Solar System Bodies, Monkey Guts, Blood-Thirsty Brains, Tasmanian Evolution, Whisker Feels, counting Cuttlefish, Oldest European, Oldest Tree, Toxo V. Cancer, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer The wonderful thing about being alive is that it’s happening now… Yes yes yes, it’s great that great-great gramps and nana lived lovely lives, but no matter how you look at it, they are long since departed, and even that which passed through the belly of a worm has long turned to dust… But not you, oh no… you are alive now… in the moment in which you can do… And what wonderful life living things you can do!!! It almost doesn’t matter what it is you are doing… Being alive is an amazing thing all by itself… Certainly we can rate quality of life… good, better best day vs the occasional worst day ever… But always remember to step outside your day to day, push pull, ups and downs and focus… Even if just for a few fleeting mo

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