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EPS 114: Leveling up humanity with Phil Watt...LIVE

February 1, 201760 min
Phil is a social activist. He has a strong internet following and is a voice of progressive reason advocating a systemic restructuring of society to reflect a more just, equal and peaceful world. He has lived a life of self-determination and has built a strong repertoire based on leadership, teamwork and seeking the essential knowledge and skills to holistically support himself, his family and his clientele. Phil's written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as personal development. His love for spreading empowering messages evolved into being a leading writer for independent on-line media dedicated to mindful, holistic, progressive, well-informed and adventurous living. Phil is passionate about and dedicated to capturing and amplifying the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global culture. He has a background working in multifaceted areas including policy development, security, project management, social work, operat

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