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EPS 28: The role of pharmaceuticals in bio-terrorism.. RB

September 3, 201654 min
William Croft was raised on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin and as he experienced life developed a compassion for nature and humanity. Because it is not ethical to study human disease directly in humans, and animals must be used, in 1970 he obtained a DVM degree from the University of Minnesota, St. Paul. Then in 1975 he obtained a PhD in Medical Pathology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, which gave him the tools to study the cause and effect relationship of human and animal illnesses. Employed as an anatomical pathologist on the UW-Madison faculty he obtained over $900,000 in grant resources from the NIH, EPA, NCI and other organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, to study human disease regarding early detection, diagnosis, mechanism of action and possible therapeutic methods which gave him valuable experience and insightful information concerning human illness. Dr. Croft also investigated environmental medical health emergencies related to pesticides, sol

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