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EPS 62: What is your Soul's Agenda? RB

October 30, 201657 min
Michelle launched The Souls Agenda.com in 2012. She created the blog to share the guidance, wisdom and support she received over the years from her guides with an ever-widening circle of seekers. Responding to reader requests, she launched a Spanish version in 2013. In addition to her daily posts, she does automatic writings and conducts private readings for a small group of select clients. Michelle is also an award-winning copywriter, marketing strategist, and brand strategist, and founder of a boutique advertising agency in New York. She is currently in the process of earning a master’s degree in Social Psychology. The Soul’s Agenda is her first book. She loves writing, yoga, reading, learning, hiking, connecting with others. Her purpose is to learn, teach and experience as much joy doing both as she possibly can. www.TheSoulsAgenda.com Ignite your passions and learn to create your dreams at unitedintentions.org

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