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Riding The Bus With My Sister. Rachel Simon

June 2, 201663 min
:Award winning author Rachel Simon’s honest, funny, challenging, empowering memoir about her relationship with sister Beth, a spirited woman who has an intellectual disability and who livesintensely and often joyfully. Beth, spends her days riding the buses in her Pennsylvania city. At the time, Rachel, a busy writer, and professor who loves her sister had grown apart from her. When Rachel asked Beth what she'd like for her upcoming birthday, Beth asks Rachel to ride the buses with her for a whole year, and reluctantly, Rachel agreed. This wonderful book ­ Riding The Bus With My Sister ­ chronicles that year, during which Rachel befriends the bus drivers, Jesse, and Olivia, and learns about such key civil rights issues as self- determination and People­first language. The story in the present alternates with the story of the sisters' tumultuous family history, which also presents the struggles and pleasures of siblings of people with disabilities. Rachel Simon is also a nationa

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