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Top 10 Pet Products - Part 1 - Nadia Crighton

March 17, 20168 min
These are the first 5 of 10 'Crazy Pet Products identified by Pet Insurance Australia'that you need to know!... 1) THE PET HIGH CHAIR No you haven’t misread. This is an actual product. The Pet High Chair allows your dog to eat at the table right next to you. 2) HEATED BOWLS The heated outdoor cat bowl will ensure you pet’s food stays warm and ice-free. 3) AUTOMATIC KITTY LITTER BOX These products are very impressive, if you have the cash to splash you’ll never have to consider a stinky kitty litter box ever again. 4) BUTT STICKERS That’s right. Embarrassed about your pooches rear-end when they trot with their tails held high? Well worry no more. 5) INFLATABLE UNICORN HORN – FOR CATS Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your beloved feline? Then look no further. The Inflatable Unicorn Horn will make your cat the envy of his furry friends. We'll reveal the remaining 5 of 10 Crazy Pet Products next week!

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