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Top 10 Pet Products - Part 2 - Nadia Crighton

March 24, 20167 min
Here are the second lot of Top 10 'Crazy Pet Products identified by Pet Insurance Australia' that you need to know!... Missed the first 5? - Check this out: 6) NAIL POLISH Apparently been with for a while - Have you EVER painted your pet's nails? 7) DOG-E & PUSS-E NAIL COVERS & CAPS Hmmm - are your puddy tats nails getting stuck in the carpet? 8) O-DOG-COLOGNE If it smells like a dog it probably is! 9) RAINCOATS & BROLLIES Now we're talkin'- Sounds pretty sensible this one! After all nobody wants a wet dog right? 10) WEARABLE DOG POOP CATCHER! We'll leave this one to your imagination!

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