What is inner peace outer abundance and who is Kim Ha Campbell22 min
When should you ask for a sponsorship or endorsement deal?18 min
Brand Strategist Speaker Talk Title Sheet for me. Do you have yours?18 min
When is the best time to buy a car? Overused marketing pitches.23 min
Is social media causing bad self-esteem and self-worth issues?25 min
Becoming a more effective speaker with authenticity and authority.27 min
How do you make a crowdfunding campaign succeed?24 min
What does a brand strategist do to create media endurance?24 min
What is the difference between intention and perception online?23 min
Practicing the concepts you preach allows for better trust & proof.21 min
Why should I stop saying certain words when it comes to sales?19 min
I am sorry things suck. But suck it up. Personal problem posting27 min
Leadership Development Navigator, Mentor and Coach. What is that?33 min
How authenticity and honesty can be awkward and uncomfortable.26 min
Motivation without information? Inspiration without an action plan?27 min
When should I join a business networking group? Networking tips.32 min
How is the million dollar mindset bad? What are you looking at?25 min
The once I get in front of someone scenario and generating a real lead28 min
Why do we use words like love when we don’t mean them?27 min
Have you come to terms with your terms and conditions?26 min
How do you review a review? Do you ever vet the testimonials?26 min
Do I really need to be an entrepreneur? Do I need my own business?26 min
Why is real estate marketing not working for so many on social media?31 min
How does The Last Ring Home relate to many baby boomer stories?28 min
Have we all become too sensitive and too damn politically correct?31 min
Who can people compare you to? Relatable branding for your marketing29 min
Why I am scared of most life coaches and why you should be too.32 min
Treasure Coast Real Estate and Trade Expo 2017. Best Expo Practices31 min
Who is Granny Potty Mouth? What you can learn about and from her.28 min
How many people see my posts? The reality of visibility online.29 min
How did the seo chicken cross the road to reach the conversion side?42 min
Why should you listen to Ed Verner about music, business and life?42 min
Why do some people just flat out suck? How can some live like that?30 min
What is the best fitness infomercial? Do we really need another one?37 min
How do you choose a mattress that will be the best for your needs?38 min
What is the worst episode ever of Wait What Really OK? This one!21 min
How do you organize content on social media sites for showcasing?21 min
Do you really want to exploit a tragedy or death for your marketing?28 min
How brand precision marketing works for lawyers and legal groups.30 min
How do you distinguish opinions from facts on social media sites?21 min
What is brand precision marketing and why should you be using it?30 min
How do you market a podcast? A digital endurance proof of concept.30 min
Are you helping or enabling friends and family with their dreams?28 min
Did Clinton ever date Trump? A Republican and Democrat romance?26 min
Am I spending too much on local marketing with too few results?23 min
Why do I need a professional photographer for my business?25 min
Why should I show proof of concept of my business and services?21 min
How much time should I spend creating content for the best results?21 min
Am I sharing too much information online? A few signs its too much.21 min
How do you get booked on talk shows, TV shows and podcasts? Ep1821 min
I am a result of my failure. Understanding what went wrong.20 min
How to talk to women, men, employees, investors, etc. Basic biz tips.20 min
Why should you say yes more when you don’t know if you can do it?20 min
Small town marketing mindsets will only hold your business back21 min
How do you run a political campaign on social media effectively?21 min
Am I ready for advertising or publicity? Premature promo problems.21 min
Why does sharing work better than telling? Expert engagement tips20 min
Why should I dream small at first for my business and my vision?21 min
What happens when you die? Business planning and organizing tips.20 min
Do people really care about logos? The importance of your visuals.22 min
How to manage your marketing time and content creation effectively23 min
Are you marketing correctly to your 3 audiences simultaneously?22 min
How to call someone out online without getting yourself in trouble.20 min
How to make your services standout in an oversaturated market.20 min

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