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"0-8-4″ (1×02) – WTL7017

October 2, 2013127 min
What's a 0-8-4 in the Agents of SHIELD universe? We find out in this episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Here's some of the topics we touch on: NEWS: * We've joined the Noodle.mx network! Check the other podcasts out at http://noodle.mx! * Agents of SHIELD's ratings are in and over 20 million people joined us in the show! * What are ABC and Marvel's Distinguished Competition doing to ride the Agents of SHIELD coattails? * The Rising Tide vs. the REAL WORLD Rising Tide MAIN DISCUSSION *What do Skye, Thor's Hammer, and a weird looking box in a Peruvian temple have in common? They're all 0-8-4's. * All the Avengers "brand names" or the major four Avengers characters were mentioned in this episode. Too much? * How do we want to see this universe develop? * Is this team a good idea? No one but Coulson seems to think so. * Is SHIELD good or bad? Is the Rising Tide good or bad? * Ben makes a prediction about what season 3 will be about. * More on Coulson's secret. * Today's theme: team. * What's Skye's agenda? What's Coulson's agenda? * And what's a hot mess this time? * And when will we see the cellist from Portland? LISTENER FEEDBACK: * We have some awesome listeners. * Here are those Agents of SHIELD cufflinks: http://www.frenchcuffed.com/products/marvel-s-h-i-e-l-d-alternate-cufflinks

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