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July 11, 201494 min
Today, Guardians of the Galaxy's comic books and novels are the topic! Ben and Daniel have had some fun reading Guardians materials and in this episode they chat about it, using the conversation about the comics to talk about the characters! NEWS The Coulson/Avengers poll Ben typed in as they were talking. SOURCE: Welcome to Level Seven Andy Serkis is working on Avengers 2. SOURCE: Escapist Magazine Avengers set photos. SOURCE: Comic Book Movie Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comics. SOURCE: Marvel Between Disney's review of Infinity Gauntlet. SOURCE: Between Disney MAIN TOPIC Guardians of the Galaxy, the MOVIE, is coming. And that means lots of Guardians of the Galaxy comics to capitalize on it. And some of them are what some people might actually call good! LISTENER FEEDBACK We open the mailbox and read through some messages from, honestly, the best listeners out there!

Chat About Comic Talk: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY — WTL7056

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