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Words from Nerds 233: Food Tech

January 23, 201435 min
Summary: How are you using tech to assist in your food preparation, shopping or dining experiences? We've got a bunch of apps to talk about. Oddly, most of them have red icons. What's up with that? Plus we'll share some pastry delights in our Nerd News Flash. Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 35:57   Listener Feedback: Longtime listener Chris from Florida sent an email last week in response to our discussion about hot water tank alternatives. He had an interesting new idea to share with everyone.     Nerd News Flash: Need more storage capacity for that tablet? Here’s a wireless TB hard drive from Lacie that may solve your problems. Need an adult cocktail/dessert all-in-one? Try out these Drunkin Donuts. These batteries are sweet! Literally. Unhappy with Google’s acquisition of Nest? Then check out this open source thermostat alternative. Kill bacteria while charging your phone. Keep your phone squeaky clean.     Featured Story: Food. Technology. Apps. Mmmmmmm. Open Table Better Homes and Gardens recipes Pizza Hut Weber Yelp Eat24 Atkins Carb Counter Pizza Compass Food Networks In The Kitchen Foodspotting (was broken for a while. Seems to be fixed again) Grocery IQ helps you build your shopping list.      

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