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Words from Nerds 234: Bags

January 30, 201428 min
Summary: You invest a lot of money in your tech gear. You take it with you practically everywhere you go. But what about the bags that hold all of the gear? Are they helping you? Did you know how many options there are and what some of the features are? Are they TSA approved for you travelers out there? What about donating or recycling all of those conference bags that you have lying around the house? We've got tons of links to help you sort through all of this.   Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 28:30   Nerd News Flash: The sun will come out tomorrow? Solar powered Apple laptops. Aleve-iate your heart. Lego around the world. In a browser. Fastest way to get the news off of twitter try this. For those old school IBMers. Space 1999 is getting a baby brother. Space 2099! Featured Story: Tech Bags Where to stow your gear. Laptop bags, backpacks, messenger bags, purses, leashes, cases and more. What do you need? What features are a must versus nice to have? Different bags for different uses? Dressy (work) casual (personal) rugged (outdoor) Does it need to hold laptop, power supply, tablet, charger, hotspot, cables, wallet, papers, magazines, business cards, camera, clothes? Sites such as ebags.com have up to 75% off Overstock with powerful filters Zappos website and app are also very user friendly to search What should I do with my old backpack or Luggage? Donate it. Unicef. Important things to consider when donating. Here's perhaps the most interesting bag you've ever seen.      

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