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Words from Nerds 236: Have We Got A Video?

February 11, 201433 min
Summary: In our continuing discussion of cameras, our focus turns to action video cameras this week. Everyone has probably heard of the GoPro by now. But there is new competition in terms of size and price that's emerging from some familiar brands. We've got this, plus some great listener feedback to share from last week's show. Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 33:34   Listener Feedback: Chris told us he ended up getting a Sony NEX-7 that he loves because you can easily pull it out of the bag and quickly get a great picture. Violet and her husband are huge fans of the Canon DSLRs. She has the Rebel t5i and, while it takes great pictures, the lens is extremely noisy when shooting videos. Tom will discuss this common problem during the show. Oh, and we’re totally jealous that you are going to Comic-Con again this year. Congrats on getting tickets! Here’s a good link for DSLR lenses for video. Nerd News Flash: HP’s Chromebox will arrive in Spring. $179 London Museum After Dark with robots! Jolla’s phone cover with some cool tech GoPro goes IPO! Featured Story: “focusing” on Action video cameras GoPro brand is huge. Tom has a GoPro 3 Black, but Sony has a stake in the action camera market with the AS100V. First prosumer grade 4K video camera from Sony is the Handycam FDR-AX100 iOn cameras also in the game Kodak? Really? Well they're in it too with the Kodak SP1. Do kids even know who Kodak is? Or how about Polaroid c3        

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