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AME Radio Show - Alyssa Reeves & Michael Daugherty

June 26, 201659 min
Alyssa Reeves - Alyssa is starring in her first full length TV show on FOX's new reality series "Coupled".

Michael Daugherty - Is our 1st Amendment right in peril? A man commented on the Orlando Shooter's religion and Twitter banned his account for his opinion. As artists we need to be conscious of this and defend our 1st Amendment right. Michael talks about this and more.


Music goes through trends. Lets not mistake the genres for trends because it's not the same. One trend started in the 1950s/60s with Bubble Gum music. In the 1990s it was the boy bands. Today, music has taken a strange trend of slow, no passion, acoustic playing, no talent singers and combined it into music. When trends die, so does the music. Are we in jeopardy of losing an entire decade of music thanks to a trend brought on by the mighty music industry - forcing us to accept this as good? Maybe try indie music?

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