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AME Radio Show - David Jackson & Ginny Scales-Medeiros

January 14, 201760 min
David Jackson - As 2017 kicks off it's a great time to plan, set goals and come to resolutions. The majority of us fail before the end of the first month. Most of the time we "self sabotage" or we don't plan correctly. Motivational Speaker, David Jackson, will give some advice to keep us thinking positive and staying on track.

Ginny Scales-Medeiros - Ginny is a true rags to riches story. With everything against her she comes out swinging and took control of her life. She's telling her story "What is Normal".


Meryl Streep used the Golden Globes to preach about politics and her view of President-Elect Trump. A lot of people applauded her while others were disgusted. Is it right to discuss politics on platforms like this? The left calls themselves tolerant until I mentioned something then I got attacked on Twitter about it. We discuss this and more.

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