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April 3, 201660 min
Garry Berman - Gary is the co-author of a book "From Me To You", a book about two pen pals with a transatlantic friendship that have a common interest - The Beatles. The book describes their friendship from thousands of miles away as the Beatles start to invade the US.

Marilyn Anderson - She's a co-writer and director of the film "How To Beat a Bully", a family comedy that shows how one boy fights adversity and abuse to live the life he's destined too.


After some students at Emerson University write Trumps name in chalk on the sidewalk on campus, some students became traumatized and are claiming they need psychiatric aid and their "safe room". I couldn't agree more on the psychiatric help, but with PC correctness and the inability to take someone else's ideas and visions, this is spawning a movement that could seriously impact the 1st amendment rights and our ability for free speech which will impact artists and expression. We explain the logic behind this.

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