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AME Radio Show - Ivan Edmunds & Angelica Chitwood

April 24, 201760 min
Ivan Edmunds - A talented singer/songwriter and composer Edmunds takes to the Christian genre of music to inspire his listeners. He's released a brand new album that we are going to discuss in this interview.

Angelica Chitwood - Angelica is a double threat, a singer and a actress. She's talking about her multifaceted life and she talks about her movie "Psycho" which she stars in. It's said to be one of the most graphic horror/thriller movies to date.


We discuss two things on this episode. First we dive into jealousy. It's amazing how jealous we are of other that succeed and those who do succeed, regardless what it is they succeed in those who envy their success try to take them down and make it fair - but for who? Them? It's wrong. Instead we should use their success as inspiration to reach our own potential. If they can do it so can we! Then we finish the show talking about PBS's new Kids Series "Dying to Be a Martyr" an educational series that takes you into the mind of a terrorist suicide bomber. They talk about why they do what they do, why it's OK, and why they need to destroy Israel because of how they live. It's indoctrination, and it's something I am simply against. Do you think it's right to try to justify suicide bombings and mass murder because they are envious and/or angry that they do not accept their god? Does that justify them to kill? This series sounds like it's trying to justify their actions and make it right with an argument from those who think it is. Is this what we're publicly funding... it is! What's your take on this.

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