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AME Radio Show - James Cosby & Ruben Young

March 6, 201760 min
James Cosby - James wrote a prolific book about the history of Rock N Roll in the US and how our country led the way in the music revolution that took the world by storm. Eventually leading to names like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Elvis, Chuck Berry and more.

Ruben Young - He's a rising canadian R&B artist who released his first single which topped the iTunes charts at #20 and he's set to release his first EP in mid 2017.

President Trump has threatened to cut federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts which will directly impact public radio and television (NPR and PBS). With cuts desperately needed to fix our deficit, things will have to suffer. As much as I am a proponent for the arts, I think this cut is necessary. However I truly believe bringing it back to the state level will make it great again. PBS has endured record low viewership for a while, maybe it's because it doesn't focus on local activities and give local groups the chance to broadc

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