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AME Radio Show - Justin Peck & Nancy Paton

March 16, 201760 min
Nancy Paton - Nancy is a Director from the UK. She completed a task that seems simply impossible. At 7 months pregnant she entered the 48 hour film contest. Here they give you a topic and you have 48 hours to write the script, gather costumes, act it out and edit. Her movie is "Choke" and it won 3 awards one being the Best in Show. We talk to her about her major accomplishment.

Justin Peck - Justin is the author of "Bulletproof" and he's a professional race car driver. He suffers from Bi-Polar and one day tried to take his life. When the gun wouldn't shoot he realized how lucky he is and lives to tell his story.


I saw two horrible stories, one with a happy ending, about abandoned dogs. Dogs that once had a wonderful home and family - both of which ended up abandoned for two different reasons. As an animal lover these stories ripped my heart out. I am a big supporter of the ASPCA and other no kill shelters for animals. These stories lead to my point that if you

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