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AME Radio Show - Richard Lynch & Todd Lemense

January 29, 201760 min
Richard Lynch - We talk with Country Music Recording Artist Richard Lynch about his brand new CD "A Better Way" and his career in Country Music.

Todd Lemense - Many of us don't see that we sometimes have an ego. Ego's can kill relationships, advancement in life (professionally and personally), and can cause serious repercussions. Todd is an expert on ego and he will tell us how to recognize the issue and how to control the monster inside.


Today we talk about fads. We all remember the mullet, Z-Cavaricci's, Slap Bracelets, Koosh Balls, the Pet Rock and things like this. They were cool for a while but one day you wake up and suddenly they are yesterday's news. Unfortunately we tend to incorporate fads into our life to be "in" and "cool". As more fads take center stage like "Open Concept" and "Stainless Steel" appliances in houses, someday these will be lame like wainscot. Is it wise to add permanent fads into our construction? Sure they are artsy and fun but what ha

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