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AME Radio Show - Tyler Huth & H.D. Motyl

October 30, 201660 min
Tyler Huth - Tyler is a young aspiring actor who landed a role in "In Search of Liberty". He's also been featured in a few commercials for Disney and Universal.

H.D. Motyl - HD is the producer of a new documentary "American Rodeo: A Cowboy Christmas". He's here talking about his film and explaining what a Cowboy Christmas is.

We talk about how teachers are forced to teach kids the way the government wants things taught even though it's wrong info and they know it; because the state wants to teach an agenda not reality. Specifically a case in point is the 2nd Amendment. Another key is slavery in the US. These are taught incorrectly or info is omitted in order to make it seem so different than it actually was. We also talk about the new TV Streaming Network IAS Broadcasting Network and the new children's show coming out on it as an IAS Broadcasting Original series "Reading Adventures".

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