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Season 2 Special Feature — You Are Here

July 7, 201626 min
Survivors of the apocalypse, we hope you are having a wonderful summer.  
Yes, we are, thank you!
And, no, we're not ready to come back just yet.  BUT, we do want to check in, say hi, update you on some incredible things coming down the road, like the new special episode coming out in a few weeks, written by Steven Bateman (Edwin Bondshift) that will tickle you senseless while giving you a deeper understanding of the Tri-Counties, the sights, the sounds, the Taco Bell ... oh, and the people.  
We also have news on FateCrafters Studios (, the You Are Here ( show the newest show to come from the network, Found (  So tune in for some quick updates before listening to the first full episode of You Are Here.   If you haven't given the show a listen yet, we encourage you to check out this funny, tightly-packaged sci-fi podcast that breaks the mold of how scifi shows are (and will be) do

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