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Special - Atheist Apocalypse Gets Twisted

October 4, 201617 min
The network is growing and there is no one I'd rather share that with than you, those of you who support Atheist Apocalypse.  
My newest audio drama launched a week and a half ago and wanted to make sure you get a chance to hear it.  Ever since it's 3rd day it's been in the Top 100 of the iTunes Performing Arts category (where audio dramas are found).
If you enjoy horror or psychological thrillers or if you're just looking for something new to listen to, I dare you to get these first 3 episodes of Diary Of A Madman ( a chance.  Each episode is less than 5 minutes and easily consumable ... well, unless hearing from a sociopath scares you.
Thank you for all of your support for Atheist Apocalypse and I hope I can count on you to check out this new show.  My 3rd show, Subject: Found ( is coming mid-month and I will, of course, give you the first listen to it :)

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