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Ssn 2 - 1 - Positively enRaptured

February 1, 201650 min
If you're seeing this post you can now confirm that you were not one of The Chosen.  But do not despair, we're sure that the strange events of the Tri-Counties will give you hope about the future ..... or, if nothing else, will distract you from the reality of reality.The MGE is back at it, publicizing a new Approved Checklist for Favorable Behavior and Positive Graffiti has caused a ruckus.Thank you for supporting this show!  Thank you for sticking around through the off-season and we are thrilled you support audiodrama and our passion! There is something we're very excited to share with you.  We are excited to announce that in this season we change the face of audiodrama forever!  And you'll find out how in our Introduction.If you want to support the show and have a say in the future of the Tri-Counties YOU NOW CAN by going to (, let's kick off our second season in style.Your Atheist Apocalypse Staff

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