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Ssn 2 - 10 - Triangle Of The Trinity

June 5, 201648 min
The season finale for our 2nd season!  There is a chilling discovery about the Rapture and cosplay goes in an entirely different direction in this finale.
We'd like to thank David Cummings of The No Sleep Podcast for providing his survivor statement.  Please check out his show at:
There are HUGE changes coming in Season 3.  A new lineup, new artwork, new storylines and we say goodbye to some of our friends as we close out this season!  We'd like to give Deb McTaggart a heartfelt 'thank you' for voicing Beatrice Johnson for the past two seasons and wish her the best of luck on her show, Beyond the Trailer Park (!  Don't worry, listeners, you'll still get the delicious banter between Jake and Beatrice as Heather Auden has joined the Atheist Apocalypse family and will be voicing Beatrice starting with episode 1 in season 3.
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