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Ssn 2 - 2 - Chicken Political Pot Pie

February 15, 201634 min
Exciting news galore in this episode!  First, and most satisfying, is that political adversaries around the Tri-Counties finally stop playing footsy with each other and things get real ... real nasty!  Seriously, is there anything more fun to observe than politicians playing a competitive game of one-upsmanship?And Facebook changes its policies in a way that are seriously going to free your timeline from seeing the same thing said a million times by a million different people.  It's all so ... peaceful.We also have our first sponsor and you, our fans, get discounts!  How's that for a double-whammy?!  That's right; we would like to welcome Bad Bunny from to the post-Apocalypse life!  Check out her awesome dinosaur-bone undies, unicorn pasties, teeth print dresses and more and, as if that weren't cool enough, as loyal Atheist Apocalypse fans you get a 5% discount of your purchase of Bad Bunny's customized clothes, lingerie, and accessories for bad asses!  That

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