Atheist Apocalypse Podcast

Ssn 2 - 9 - The Little People Matter

May 22, 201645 min
In this penultimate episode there is a significant archaeological discovery that might give us a clue into the history of the Rapture and conspiracy theorists have a field day with the latest transgressions by an overzealous government.
We wrap up our second season in the next episode.  Our Patrons voted on the story they wanted to see and it will happen (so blame them if you don't like it) but, before you do that, wouldn't it be healthier for you to become a Patron and be able to have YOUR say in what happens in season 3?  Go over to and decide your own donation amount.  For as little as $1/per episode you can help us reinvest in this audio drama.  
If you haven't yet heard, Executive Director, Paul Sating and Executive Producer, Brian Bristol have teamed up to create the newest audio drama network in the entire world (because it's brand new).  It is called FateCrafters Studios and over the course of 2016 and into 2017 we will be adding new sh

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