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Ssn 3-2 - Hi-Ho, A LARPing We Will Go

August 28, 201641 min
The fact is, the Mysterious Government Entity doesn't trust you .... so they may or may not have launched a new surveillance program.  We cannot confirm nor deny that.
And now that the summer games are over the Olympic Committee has done what decision-makers always do, they're pandering to the consumer by adding a new Olympic sport!
We'd like to thank Mischa Stanton of Ars Paradoxica for his survivor statement!  If you like time traveling stories, definitely check their show out at
We'd like to thank Simon Croft and Tunna Beatz for their music in this episode.
Thank you for your download, listen and feedback.  We're really enjoying hearing more from you lately.  As a reminder, this Patrons will be given the chance to select our season finale based on their support of the show.  What will they make us do?  We're very curious ... and worried .... and curious ... but mostly worried.
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