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Heather Finn, Author of Nutty Bug Books

September 22, 201624 min
An identical triplet and the eighth of ten children, Heather Finn was born and raised in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and lives there with her husband and two children. Finn grew up listening to lots of stories as a child and continued the tradition of storytelling with her own kids. When she ran out of family stories to tell, she began to create new ones. While searching for fun, educational books to teach her children about health and hygiene, Finn realized that good books are hard to find. So when she had trouble getting her children to brush their teeth, Finn was inspired to write her first book: Fabulous Farrah & the Sugar Bugs. This was the first book in her Bug Book series. When not telling stories, Finn works in financial services. She holds an MBA, MSF, and a BS from Boston College.

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