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October 23, 201654 min
Dr Michele Reed and Rich Valdez join Ted in the studio (along w/our first studio audience Carolyn and Aleetta) to talk about the latest in health & wellness, technology, education, sports, product reviews while creating the best parenting podcast on the planet. :-)

Ted wants to know who deemed the NFL - judge, jury and executioner in their latest debacle w/Josh Brown's domestic violence case.

Rich is stoked about The Walking Dead returning for a new season -- what should newbies do? (people that haven't binge-watched previous seasons - but plan to watch tonight?)

Dr Michele talks about "What's in the Wrapper"? (prep for Halloween)
Lots of candy contain surprising allergens that can cause terror for little ghouls and boys who have food sensitivities. Many adults don’t even pass the test when it comes to identifying tricky ingredients.

Here’s a few items that you might need to avoid:
Tootsie Rolls - Milk
Candy Corn - Sesame
Chewy Sprees - Egg
No Bake Cookies - Peanut Butter

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