Between Heaven and Earth

A Healer From Heaven Returns

May 4, 201656 min
A Healer From Heaven Returns - Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

Aired Wednesday, 4 May 2016, 4:00 PM ET

Life took on a whole new meaning for Mary Helen Hensley one unseasonably warm afternoon in December 1991, when a life-changing road accident propelled an out-of-body experience. Ever since, she has embraced the importance of living to the fullest, inciting those around her to do the same. Just prior to impact by a car traveling at more than seventy-five miles an hour, Hensley realized she had a choice: either remain in her body or exit from the earth, allowing the remainder of the scene to unfold without feeling any pain. She chose to depart from her body—and enter heaven. Hensley vividly recalls the precise moment time stalled, followed by the vision of a woman running up to her car and dropping a piece of paper on the passenger seat, and the stunned look of a college friend a few cars behind witnessing the accident unravel. These are facts that unless Hensley was standing outside her vehic

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