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Transforming Healthcare by Increasingly Making IT Invisible

March 19, 201930 min

30 min
Manage Your Total Cloud Costs Better by Emphasizing the Ops in DevOps, Says Futurum Analyst

March 13, 201916 min

16 min
Price Transparency in Healthcare Requires Higher Accuracy and Technology Adoption to Regain Patient Trust

March 11, 201926 min

26 min
Data Sovereignty, Security, and Performance Panacea-How Mastercard Sets the Standard for Global Hybrid Cloud Adoption

March 6, 201932 min

32 min
Where the Rubber Meets the Road--How Users See the IT4IT Standard Building Competitive Business Advantage

March 5, 201931 min

31 min
How BT Makes IT and Technology Sustainability a Business Advantage

February 26, 201916 min

16 min
Industrial-Strength Wearables Combine with Collaboration Cloud to Bring Anywhere Expertise to Intelligent-Edge Work Tasks

February 22, 201917 min

17 min
How the Data Science Profession is Growing in Value and Impact Across the Business World

February 20, 201926 min

26 min
Why Enterprises Should Approach Procurement of Hybrid IT in Entirely New Ways

February 13, 201912 min

12 min
Manufacturer Gains Advantage by Expanding IoT Footprint from Many Machines to Many Insights

February 8, 201913 min

13 min

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