Guest Host: Nikki Boyer

October 8, 201550 min
While Kim's away, Jackie will play... with guest host Nikki Boyer!

Jackie and Nikki talk the "shame" phenomenon (fat shaming, slut shaming... even sweat shaming??) with blogger and personality Samantha Kemp Jackson AKA Multiple Mayhem Mamma. Plus, Rosie O'Donnell heartbroken over her daughter taking their family business public and other #broadtopics!

About Nikki: St. Louis can take credit for the world’s first ice cream cone at the 1904 Worlds Fair. But it can also take credit for an equally delicious treat known as Nikki Boyer, an Emmy-winning local TV host who made the move to Los Angeles and has been seen daily as the host Yahoo!’s Daytime in No Time, a regular guest on E!'s HelloRoss, a frequent guest on The Wendy Williams Show, HLN's Showbiz Tonight and countless other TV and Web Shows!

Most recently, Nikki can be seen on Ovation TV as the face and voice of the Network dedicated to the Arts! You can also catch her in the viral video parody of the FUN song, "We're Not Young"

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