Her Bad Mother: Discovery Girls Got it Wrong

May 13, 201644 min
Discovery Girls Magazine enrages the internet with swimsuit for your body type article for tween girls

According to their website, Discovery Girls is the “only children’s magazine that inspires your special girl to grow more confident and resilient and to believe in herself. It gives girls ages 9 and up the advice, encouragement, and inspiration they need to get through those difficult preteen years.”

But the word around the internet this week is that they’re doing anything but helping girls grow more confident. In an article in the magazine’s most recent issue — published for girls 8 and up — they broke down swimsuit styles, recommending certain ones based on body type – curvy on top, rounder in the middle — you get it.

Catherine Connors, blogger at Her Bad Mother wrote a post called Girl Power: You’re Doing It Wrong, sharing her disappointment in the magazine’s direction. Catherine joins Kim and Jackie to discuss the article and the bigger underlying problem.

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