Lance Bass on Barry Manilow: "He was completely brainwashed"

April 7, 201750 min
It's a '90s pop revival! We hit the premiere of PopTV's new Wednesday night comedies, Hollywood Darlings and Return of the Mac.
Jackie hit the red carpet to chat with the stars Joey McIntyre [New Kids on the Block], Jodie Sweetin [Full House], Beverly Mitchell [7th Heaven] and Christine Lakin [Step by Step]. Plus, Joey Lawrence shares how he embraces his child star status while pushing toward future goals and Lance Bass weighs in on Barry Manilow's recent announcement.

I think it's great. Anyone that can finally let that out – I'm sure there's a lot less pressure now. But he's from a different generation. His generation it was very dangerous to be gay. In fact, you could get murdered. Back then you could get arrested by police and put in jail, so he grew up in a era just that he was completely brainwashed into thinking ‘you have to keep this a secret the rest of your life.' That he was able to eventually say who he is publicly is a big deal. He just didn't want to disappoint the fans and I totally understand that."
Bass went on to give advice to those coming up in show biz who maybe struggle with their sexual identity. "I have so many friends in the business that are in the closet still. For new people, it's so great because you can go ahead and start your career as saying ‘I'm gay. I'm bisexual' because no one cares. They do care when you hide it at first because then it's a story. If you go ahead and say who you are before you start your career, there's no story.
Plus, Kim hits NYC to chat with Dr Oz and Jackie takes on two more premieres — one for the new film Gifted, starring Chris Evans, McKenna Grace and Jenny Slate — and YouTube Red Originals including Kings of Atlantis, followed by Hyperlinked, Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force and finally, DanTDM Creates a Big Scene.
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Chat About Lance Bass on Barry Manilow: "He was completely brainwashed"

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