The Downside of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 18, 201655 min
It's October so you know what that means. Everywhere you turn is coming up pink. From alcohol to household supplies, even the NFL gets in on the pink action. But is Breast Cancer Awareness Month good for women or just a marketing ploy by companies trying to get more of our dollars? Two women weigh in with their different, very passionate take on the topic.

Jessica Gottlieb is the founder of Word of Mouth Women - an influencer marketing agency - and a recovering mom blogger. Recently she launched an Instagram channel with a friend that celebrates women in midlife @thisismidlife. You can find her on most social networks with her name.

Erika Elmuts is an internationally recognized health and wellness expert, professional speaker and educator, and has helped tens of thousands of people get on the path to more vibrant health, through her workshops, web site, videos, speaking engagements, and private practice. Erika is also the creator of the parenting course "Cultivating Consciou

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