This Little Parent Stayed Home

March 18, 201660 min
Kim and Jackie welcome Ally Loprete, host of This Little Parent Stayed Home.

Plus, what's the secret to a successful marriage? Did Ronald and Nancy Reagan have one at the expense of their kids? Shirley MacLaine says an "open relationship" is the key. What do YOU think?

We're LIVE from our brand spankin' new Broadscast studio!

About Ally: As one of the most influential woman business leaders of our generation, Ally Loprete is a self made Mom Entrepreneur who found pivotal success starting from the ground up and by working 100% without apology around her kid’s schedule. Known as the Work/Life Balance Parenting expert, Ally Loprete founded the widely popular, an online search directory that lists the products and services of thousands of self-employed parents in more than 120 cities across the country. In addition to inspiring a movement of work-at-home moms and dads who support each other with their own purchasing power, Ally has created an abundance of opportunity

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