Wendy Sachs: Fearless and Free

April 25, 201765 min
How do smart women pivot and relaunch their careers?
Wendy Sachs was working her tail off among younger, cheaper colleagues when she heard those dreaded words. “You’re great, smart, creative… but we're reorganizing." While she was doing that hustle trying to stay relevant, she found herself over 40 and fired, panicked by what the future held.

I felt like I was dead woman walking, conscious to always stay positive. I tried to walk out with my head up, not be bitter.
That's when Wendy, an Emmy award-winning network television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary, editor-in-chief of and media relations executive launched Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot–and Relaunch Their Careers. In Fearless and Free, Wendy teaches us how to become unapologetically bold and badass—the boss of our own future.
There’s no job security – we are disposable widgets. — Wendy Sachs
In this episode:

* Wendy shares stories of women who faced down fears, roadblocks, and failures to reinvent themselves, providing insight and experience, along with current research and actionable advice.
* How she caught the attention of both Oprah and Hillary Rodham Clinton
* Why everyone should have a "boast bitch."
Why LinkedIn is the cheat sheet of cheat sheets (Wendy provides amazing "hacks")

* How to fill the ‘confidence gap' as women –  the thing that really holds us back
* How do capitalize on your skills and expand them
* Why you should grow comfortable with being uncomfortable and brand yourself —without bragging
* How to create and build momentum
* How to reposition yourself if you’re reentering the workforce
* How to face those fears about “pivoting”
Why we need to keep adapting to new ways of being and avoid "becoming dinosaurs."

Why when applying for jobs, we should have 5 different resumes + keep tweaking them to match what that hiring manager is looking for

If I hadn’t failed so many times, I wouldn’t have written this book.
Wendy is also author of How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms, a modern working woman's survival guide. How She Really Does It will give you hope that even if you can't have it all, you can have at least some of it all of the time.
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Wendy's tips for turning that side hustle or passion into a business  
• Explore that passion Whether you want to create a consulting company and expand on your experience or make a total 180 degree turn and become an interior des...

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