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Millennial Stress Foretelling Huge Costs to Society?

January 28, 201761 min
Millennial Stress: Recently, I had Dr. Debra Lindh, stress and mindfulness expert, come to my college classroom before finals to talk with students about stress in the workplace and in life. It seemed like a good thing to do as finals were approaching and students were likely dealing with increased levels of stress themselves. What I didn’t know at the time, was how much the students would positively react to the talk.

I knew that Lindh was good, but what I didn’t realize was the extent college students struggle with stress and how evident it was once they had an opportunity to openly express themselves on the topic. To my additional surprise, it was not a “female” epidemic, it was across the board with all students from all backgrounds.

I have read the stats that stress levels are up in society, but until you actually see how much a lesson on stress management is appreciated and welcomed by a group of young people, it becomes clearer.

Stress levels today have soared. Accordin

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