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"Minister to Hedge Fund Managers" – Jeffrey Grant

February 18, 201759 min
Americans are angry with the corruption that exists in our government and corporations. Of the high profile crimes we have witnessed over the last decade, few have resulted in any criminal prosecutions of the top executives responsible. To make matters worse, large companies often commit crimes and pay fines that are significantly less than the money they made on their fraudulent schemes. This scenario has enraged the public who have been demanding fair justice for all citizens.

Even though we have witnessed far too many top executives in government and corporations getting off for all sorts of nefarious activities, the government does go after small time white collar criminals; low hanging fruit that can be caught and prosecuted without complicated, long drawn out, very expensive, and high profile court cases.

The result are the white collar criminals who are brought to justice end up being poster children for all white collar corruption. It’s hard to feel sorry for these folk

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