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Trump's 'Tiny' Tax Plan; The Corrupt Nature of America's Parole System

April 27, 201752 min
"By Any Means Necessary" host Eugene Puryear is joined by Philip L. Harvey, Professor of Law, human rights economist and is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the right to work, to talk about Donald Trump's 1 page tax plan, the need for Progressives to be more pro-active and not just reactive. The pair also talk about how to get to real full employment, how Federal monetary policy often works against full employment and whether progressive economics will come from within the US Congress from those such as Representative Conyers or if it will have to be led by someone outside of the government.

Later in the show Eugene Puryear is joined by Eli Hager, Staff Writer for the Marshall Project to talk about his most recent pieces on America's broken parole system which often punishes individuals well after they serve their ordered court time, efforts to curb the usage of private prison transportation services, and the nuances of youth being charged as adults for crimes committed in New York and across the US.

Today's talking points touch on the re-arrest of journalist Barrett Brown, Trump's regressive tax plan, and efforts to push a single payer health care system in California.

Chat About Trump's 'Tiny' Tax Plan; The Corrupt Nature of America's Parole System

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