Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/11/16

October 11, 201660 min
#ClintonforPrison #NonPC Matt Ftzgibbons joins Pastor Greg to discuss the debate, Clinton's lies, Trump calls them out. Are there enough hidden votes to swing this for Trump? Are Americans tired enough and engaged enough to stop the political machine?

#KilroyRising Scott Kesterson The Deplorables Tour. #Killary called the Christians #Deplorable and has sworn to appoint judges dedicated to the two greatest enemies of Christian faith being expressed in public. Abortionists and Hedonist Homosexuals. More importantly Hillary has made it clear that she intends to pursue a communist agenda. Who will stop it? WE THE PEOPLE!

#ObamaCareDebacle Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share joins Pastor Greg to discuss the rising costs of Obamacare, the doctors that are leaving their practices and the conflict with the current policies for those seeking real #HaelthCareOptions. Liberty Health Share has the answers.

#TheMirage Michael Daugherty exposes the smoke screen that is being created by the left i

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