Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/12/16

October 12, 2016121 min
#ClintonMediaCollusion Univision WAPO CNN CNBC MSNBC ABC CBS NBC Lester, Cooper and Raddatz and even some members of FOX have colluded to destroy the Republican Party and to take down Trump now that he is the candidate. Dan Gainor Media Research Center VP of Business and Culture writer joins Pastor Greg to expose who is really trying to steal this election form the American People.
#RadicalTransformation Has the addition of Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway created a transformation in the Trump camp? Trump has stated he is not the same man he was even at the start of this campaign. What does that mean and can those who have been following him see the change? Matthew Boyle Breitbart News DC Bureau Chief joins Pastor Greg with answers.
#BabyBoomerRescue Many would say it is the baby boomers who have cretaed much of this mess we are in. Torchy Smith has a radio show for the Baby Boomers and will weigh on on both the cause and the means by which baby boomers might just be t

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